Top Tips on How to Hang Curtains

16th February 2017

Choosing the right curtains is essential to completing a room and bringing every element together to create the perfect interior setup. How to hang curtains is a common question many homeowners will ask and there’s a number of ways and methods to hang them depending on the type and size of the window you have.

Curtains control more of your home than you might realise, they control the light, add warmth by covering the windows, provide privacy, and add colour and brightness to the room, bringing personality to the interior which all compliment the individual aura of the room. Swags and Tails have a huge selection of curtains in a variety of stunning fabrics to suit your style and tastes.

We’ve put together some top tips and advice on how to hang curtains to help enhance your interior style and maximise the light in your room:

Keep Them Wide

It’s important the rod above your window is wider than the width of your windows, otherwise, your curtains will cover the windows, preventing maximum light coming through. Try to aim for 8”-12” longer than the window length. We consider ourselves experts on how to hang curtains so follow this simple rule and you’ll be sure to have a stunning set of curtains.

Use Plenty of Fabric

Make sure you use plenty of fabric to make each curtain – you don’t want each curtain to match half of your window or they’ll hang too straight and flat. Extra material adds folds and layers into the curtain.

Hang Them High

The most important tip to consider on how to hang curtains is to secure your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the window, allowing your curtains to hang as long as possible. This creates the illusion of a much bigger window with grand curtains.

Choose A Fabric You Like

Depending on the style of your room and your own personal preferences, you’ll want to use a fabric you like but bear in mind that lighter curtains will let more light through and darker shades will prevent light. Darker colours add a more luxurious, regal element to the room where as light curtains are more casual.

If you’re looking for new curtains for your home or simply want more advice on how to hang curtains then feel free to call Swags & Tails on 0121 355 2723. Alternatively, you can fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP.