Interior Design Styles for 2017

6th February 2017

With January already over, the year is off to a speedy start and we’re already looking towards the interior design styles for 2017. As with many previous years, 2016 was inspired by Scandinavian designs including minimal decorating, plants, chalk boards, copper and rose gold. We’ve predicted some of the hottest trends for the year to help you keep your house looking fresh and up-to-date.

Royal Green

Forget navy and midnight blue, royal green is back in. Not only is it relaxing and ethereal but it also adds a decadent element to your interior. Add subtle hints of imperialism with emerald green glasses and cushions. Green could also be associated with freshness, revitalisation and mother nature. If you’re not a big fan of green then add small touches of the colour throughout and breathe life into your home again.

Bold Patterns & Tropicals

One of the hottest interior design styles for 2017 is patterns, but this time we’re mixing it up by clashing the patterns together. No longer will it be a plain sofa with patterned cushions, but patterned sofas with clashing patterned cushions will be the next big thing. Tropicals are also gaining popularity with many designers featuring tropical patterns in their catwalks. Try a tropical wallpaper or cushion covers to avoid taking it overboard.


Comfort is alway a major factor in many homes and adding different textures is the perfect way to create a cosy atmosphere. Add a woolly rug, a faux fur throw over your leather sofa or add different textured cushions. Another great way is to add curtains and wallpaper to a room – the more texture, the better!


One of the more popular interior design styles for the year is plants; fill your home with them and bring the outdoors inside, injecting life and vitality throughout your house. Not only do they look stunning and help you to relax, but they also help to reduce stress, dust levels and harmful pollutants in the air.


If you’d like more tips for interior design styles of 2017 then please feel free to contact Swags and Tails on 0121 355 2723 or drop by our store and we’ll be happy to help. We have a fantastic range of wallpapers and curtains to suit your home and personal taste.