Three Key Interior Style Trends for 2018

17th January 2018

Each year, design enthusiasts alike scramble to pose the most interesting interior style predictions for the year ahead in order to remain current and, even, ahead of the trend curve. It’s part of the allure of welcoming a new year, and we all enjoy indulging in looking to the future to see how interior trends will change.

Here at Swags & Tails, naturally, we are engulfed in the act of predicting the big style trends for the year to come. Here is our list of three key interior design trends that we predict will be making their way into many homes in 2018:


an image of a kitchen that displays plenty of different textures including marble, wood, exposed brick, and plastic

Ever-evolutionary, textures are likely to be contrasting and intermingled with those that aren’t quite of the same ilk in 2018, and it’s going to make for impressively atmospheric, sensory environments in the spaces of those that subscribe.

Potentially being paired with muted tones, the texture of the material, fabric, or fixture itself will be the true focal point and there will be an interesting reaction in the way we illuminate our spaces as we seek to play with how the light dances off these different textures.

Kitchens are going to go from matching and coherent to experimental, with different materials and mix-matching for intriguing combinations. What’s more, make sure you look out for velvet furnishings, as that is potentially the biggest upward curve we’ll see this year.


an image of a bright, colourful terrazzo tile

As is true with all matters of design and fashion, trends are often recycled, and terrazzo is an interior style resurfacing in 2018 after a stint out of the limelight for all of 40 years. With the scope for opting for chunky, diverse, colourful chips looking to be the mainstay, the composite material will be made the most of with tiles on the floor and on the walls.

A change of pace from the minimal flooring we’ve been seeing in recent years, terrazzo is a shift toward eclectic material choices that effectively portray individuality and an artisanal inclination. This is also an omen for the big 70s influences we’re about to see, so watch that space.


an image of of a lounge area that utilises rich, dark colours to exude a sophisticated look

With colours, there are two interior style themes we’re going to see a lot of in 2018 (by our prediction). We’re looking like a pivot toward bold colour blocking and moody, rich tones. Both statements in and of themselves, the trend analyses suggest they’re up next.

Orange, red, green, and blue are going to be making up the decorative choices we make with our interiors. We’re even going to see people shifting away from painting walls a single colour, with creativity being set loose to colour block, ombre, and boldly pattern them in a fashion that portrays personal taste, and makes the need for accessories reduced by implementing the defining characteristics into the walls themselves.

On the other hand, the moody colours are all to create an atmosphere and elevate the aura of a space to a level that is to exude sophistication and style. This is going to be in the form of furniture and wall decorations, and most likely the ceilings, we’re looking away from the airy, light aesthetic of recent years toward a moody, stylish, speakeasy feel.

Remember, It’s Speculative

Yes, we’ve done our research, but the act of trying to predict the interior styling trends of the year to come really is built upon (educated) guesswork. So long as you’re clear in this being purely speculative, we can look forward to 2018 with high hopes that we’re right and we can see a lot of these choices implemented, and implemented well.

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