Summer Home Tips: Best Way to Cool a Room

12th June 2017

With the warmer weather coming, you may be wondering the what the best way to cool a room is. Now is the time to make necessary changes to ensure your home avoids becoming uncomfortably hot. There are various ways to keep your home cool during the summer months and here at Swags and Tails, we’ve compiled a list of handy hints and tips:

Best Way to Cool a Room: Refine Your Window Dressing

The way you dress your window can have a significant impact on the temperature of your room. The hot summer sun can a have a destructive effect on fabrics, so investing in curtains with a good quality lining is essential.

Keeping your curtains and blinds closed during the summer months can prevent your home behaving like a greenhouse and stop the sun from pouring heat into your home. The higher the thread count, the less heat and light will be let into your room.

Change Your Bed Sheets

Although flannel and fleece sheets are great for keeping you cosy during the winter months, when the summer sun appears from behind the clouds, you may want to consider changing your bed sheets to a lighter cotton fabric. Further to this, if you find yourself suffering from the heat at night, you may want to consider changing your pillows to a more breathable fabric that won’t hold onto your body heat.

Set Your Ceiling Fan Rotation

Did you know that simply switching your ceiling fan on is not always enough? A little-known trick and the best way to cool a room is to switch the direction your fan rotates in, depending on the season. Setting your fan to a counter-clockwise rotation in the summer will cause a nice breeze to flow around your room, making you feel cooler.


Here at Swags and Tails, we have been providing bespoke blinds and curtains, made to your exact measurements for many years. If want to upgrade the appearance of your room or simply keep your room cool with the addition of new window dressings, contact our knowledgeable team on 0121 355 2723 today.