A Quick Blinds Buying Guide

19th March 2018

With a myriad of different styles of blinds and countless variations of each style, buying the perfect blinds for your home can be incredibly complex. Thankfully, here at Swags & Tails, we are experts in providing blinds and curtains, so we have put together a quick blinds buying guide to provide you with a bit of background on the three main styles of blinds.


an image of a set of Venetian blinds in the kitchen of a contemporary home

Perhaps the most popular style of blinds, Venetian blinds have horizontal slats and are attached via pieces of cloth or strong called ‘tapes’. The slats can be closed completely and raised, with the bottom slat pressing into the slat above to compress the attached tapes.

Because they can be completely closed, Venetian blinds are great for privacy – so work perfectly in bedrooms and bathrooms. There are also a wide range of different materials available, with wooden Venetian blinds being one of the most popular.

Roman Blinds

an image of Roman blinds covering three windows in the living room of a house

Another traditionalists’ choice, Roman blinds are similar to Venetian blinds in their retraction mechanism – as they raise, the material folds into itself. The main difference is the Roman blind is one large piece of fabric. This can, however, create a large stack of fabric which can obstruct a section of your window at the top.

Roller Blinds

an image of black roller blinds covering the windows of an office environment

The final option in our blinds buying guide is yet another fan favourite – the roller blind. This option is a nice compromise of both the aforementioned. The roller blind combines the compactibility of Venetian blinds with the strong, solid fabric of Roman blinds. As is also true with Roman blinds, there are a variety of natural and synthetic fabric choices available.

For even more choice, there are a few different mounting and mechanism options for roller blinds. Perhaps the most common leaves the rolled fabric open to see, whereas there are other options – that include valances, cornices, and fascia. There are also thermal and blackout options, which make them perfect for office spaces (as seen above).

Personal Preference

Ultimately, choosing the right blinds is all about utilising all of the information and resources you have – which hopefully includes this blinds buying guide – to match the style of blinds with your personal preferences and the theme of your interior. Venetian, Roman, and roller blinds are all comfortable in a range of different settings, so it’s down to you to decide which fits best with your vision.

Swags & Tails

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