Interior Tips: How to Make a Room Look Bigger

6th February 2017

Many people in the UK live in a small home, small apartment, or even a small room, so we often find ourselves searching for tips on how to make a room look bigger. England is notorious for small living spaces, and considering we are a small island that is constantly expanding, it’s no surprise. Although many of us have become accustomed to these sizes and have used our small room to create a cosy, warm cave, a lot of people are searching for ways to create the illusion of space. Some say that a clean, minimal environment reflects your mind and can help relieve stress.


As providers of high-quality interior materials including curtains, blinds, and wallpapers, we’ve put together our top tips on how to make a room look bigger.




For large, centered windows, avoid hanging your curtains from directly above the window as this limits the space that can be used around it. Hang your curtains from ceiling height and use floor length curtains to frame the window. Another trick is to use sheer drapes and match them with the colour of the walls. We have a huge selection of beautiful curtains to suit your home.




The first thoughts on how to make a room look bigger is the colour of the walls. If the room gets a lot of natural light then go for a light and neutral colour palette, such as off-whites and light greys. Utilising the natural light around the room will make it appear bigger. Use paint or a light coloured wallpaper to enhance the atmosphere.




A timeless trick and one still very much used for a small room is to include a mirror. Whether it’s a full-length wall mirror or something more understated like a circular hanging mirror, the reflection will create more space.




Reducing the amount of clutter on shelves and tables can drastically affect the space of a small room. Try to go for a minimal environment and limit yourself to a couple of shelves and important memories and pictures.


If you’re looking for more advice on how to make a room look bigger then Swags & Tails are happy to help and provide you with the interior materials you need to achieve this. Simply fill out or contact form or visit our store and we’ll help you find those perfect drapes.