How to Accessorise Your Home

26th July 2019

A room with a sofa and artwork- accessorise

How to Accessorise Your Home

Deciding the right colours and furnishings for your home can be difficult as it is, so the thought of having to accessorise it too can be daunting. Swags and Tails look into the different ways you can bring a room to life by adding some simple yet effective touches that can provide a sense of character and individuality.

Accessorising your home is similar to adding some jewellery to an outfit and adding a touch of personality. Creating the ‘finishing touch’ to your home is just as important as the icing on the cake and wrapping a gift. Those final touches and details can really make a room stand out.

Quality over Quantity

We think the key in how to accessorise your home would be to not over-do, and remember that less is always more. Spending and investing your money on something timeless for your home is better than spending your money on lots of accessories that will only clutter and crowd your house. From plants to lighting, art and other items, Swags and Tails have highlighted some of our favourites.


In any home, a touch of greenery or a vase of fresh blooms can instantly lift the energy and light up a room. Plants within the home have become increasingly popular and on-trend. Whether you real it or you fake it, placing a small tree or plant into a room can create a sense of authenticity and rustic ambience. It’s amazing how a cactus, a fiddle fig leaf tree or other small plants can instantly lift a room and add a sense of life. Plants can be arranged in a clustered formation or scattered throughout the home to give a pop of colour. We think plants work particularly well within the bathroom, rooms with large open space or placed by a window.


Who doesn’t like a bit of artwork? Adding a painting to a particularly large and plain wall can really make a room and bring everything together. Contemporary art and mixing colours throughout a room is a great way to coordinate and marry-up textures, colours and patterns to create a sense of personality and life to a neutral coloured wall. Artwork can come in many forms but the key with it is to create a powerful impact, that can serve as the perfect conversation starter to any guest.

Lamps and Lighting

As well as function and practicality purposes, lighting can add some flair and personality to a room. Light fixtures, such as industrial steel lamps that hang from the ceiling, or a floor lamp can create a charming and unique feel to your room. Lamps and lighting can work so well when you get the details right. Rose gold, silver and gold metal materials can create a beautiful contrast to coloured walls, cushions and other accessories within a room.


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