Guide on Our Favourite Interior Design Trends 2019

12th September 2019

Interior Design Trends

A Guide on Our Favourite Interior Design Trends 2019

With 2020 just around the corner, Swags and Tails have decided to provide their top picks on their favourite and the most popular interior design trends 2019 had to offer. For many interior designers, 2019 has brought to light the importance of sustainable materials and the overriding theme of neutrals. With the promise of colour and vibrant interiors, the main thing we have taken from this year is the emphasis on the classic colours that are timeless and will continue to be on-trend for years to come.

Scandi Approach

Scandinavian design has really taken off this year within the interior design trends. This particular aesthetic has been marked by minimalism and practicality. The concept and inception of the Scandinavian/ Nordic style has been apparent since the 20th century, but it still continues to flourish and thrive today. This effortlessly styled decor uses textures and patterns to create an understated chic look that is timeless and classic. Whites, greys and softer tones are used against rugged, fluffy textures that create an elegant and minimalist look that is comforting as well as stylish.

Rustic and Unfinished

The best rustic and unfinished interior design trends find the perfect balance between finding rugged and comfort. This kind of design celebrates the authentic beauty of the natural elements and nature itself using sustainable materials, neutral colours and a basic concept. Ways to explore this interior design trend would be to go back to basics, strip the house back to bare essentials and use its original features such as beams and wooden floorboards.

Scalloped Shapes

If there’s one interior design trend that has dominated 2019 it would be the scalloped look. Rounded, soft shapes and scalloped edges have made their appearance on chairs, sofas, cushions and other textile forms. These shapes add a sense of comfort and luxury. Matched with gold or brassy metal this concept goes hand in hand with creating a quirky and contemporary sense to your interiors as well as holding a classic art-deco approach.


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