Finding Your Perfect Colour Palette

9th May 2019

colour palette and swatch colours

Finding Your Perfect Colour Palette

The most difficult part of interior design and decorating your home can be the thought of planning out the perfect colour palette. We tend to put too much thought into this initial step and we end up over-complicating a task that could be enjoyable when simplified. Here at Swags and Tails, we suggest you have a well-thought-out plan in addition to a selection of your favourite sample colours and a mood board to reflect the space and ambience you want to reflect through colour for a room.

Using a mood board full of images and ideas that inspire you is a great first step to spark some creativity. Interior design is an industry where visual aesthetics are crucial. Mood boards are a perfect way to express your ideas in an informative and creative way. There is no traditional way of creating a mood board. However, there are a number of ways you can express yourself through designing one. The humble mood board can be produced digitally on a laptop, through Pinterest imagery, samples of wallpaper, paint colours, sketches and more. Whichever way you decide to compose your ideas, a mood board is a great start to finding your perfect colour palette.

Colour Wheel

The colour wheel will become a very important and useful tool for you when you are searching for your perfect colour palette. The colour wheel is broken down into primary, secondary and tertiary colours. This tool will enable you to choose colours that are toning, harmonious and complementary to one another. Understanding the colour wheel will help support your choices made on what colours correspond well with one another.

Tonal is simply the tone of one colour, we would suggest choosing one colour and playing with the tones of that colour throughout a room and comparing it to other colours with the same tone to see what works best for you. Harmonious is choosing two neighbouring colours on the colour wheel, this can create a placid and balmy feel to a room with a sense of calming energy. Complementary is electing two opposing colours on the colour wheel that work well but can provide a room with a bold impact.

Consider The Patterns And Textiles Around You

You should be thinking about the textures and patterns that already exist in the room, teaming your colour palette with the textiles, wall art, rugs and furnishings is an important factor to consider. If these features hold strong patterns, choosing colours that compliment and endorse these will reflect the room beautifully.

Planning and carrying out your own colour palette and interior revamp can be an enjoyable and smooth task once you understand the main principles of the colour wheel and what collaborates well. However, designing your home is a deeply personal matter and must be something that you find aesthetically appealing first.


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