Famous Film Interiors

3rd May 2017

The silver screen is the perfect place to find interior inspiration – no expense is spared on big budget productions to create an odyssey of film sets and interiors, suspending the viewer in disbelief as the characters flit from scene to scene. Over the years, Hollywood has graced us with a multitude of famous film interiors to inspire and delight viewers worldwide, creating iconic sets that linger in the memory of the audience long after the film has finished.

Below, Swags & Tails have offered two famous film interiors which have caught our attention and inspired us to overhaul our own home decors.

Moulin Rouge – Elephant Room

Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! (2001) is an intense explosion of colour and music, following the story of a poor writer Christian (Ewan McGregor) and his love for courtesean Satine (Nicole Kidman). In typical Luhrmann fashion, each set is decorated beautifully, the exaggerated designs and styles found within each scene only helping to firmly cement the tone of the film. An interior highlight, The Elephant Room, features around half an hour into the film in a pivotal scene wherein Satine confuses Christian for one of her suitors. The exterior, crafted to the shape of a literal elephant, is impressive, but it’s the interior of The Elephant Room that takes our breath away.

The interior set is absolutely magnificent – sparkling gold detailing is interwoven into the silky red drapes cloaked around the room, creating a colour palette that truly enhances the luxurious feeling of the room. The bed is sheathed with a deep red throw, lavish pillows scattered around the surface to create an inviting space, and the headboard’s delicate gold pattern is a real interior stand-out. You won’t be able to watch this film without drooling over the all the visual delights Luhrmann and his interior design team present, without fail, in every single scene.

An image showing a famous film interior from Moulin Rouge

(image source: pinterest)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Sofa Bath

One of our favourite famous film interiors is featured in what is considered Audrey Hepburn’s career defining film. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is still celebrated to this day due to the groundbreaking fashions and interior decor present within the story. Like many aspects of the film, the claw-footed, half bath-half sofa concoction owned by Hepburn’s character has become a cinematic icon, encouraging DIY-handy viewers to give it a go themselves to imitate Holly Golightly’s bohemian-chic style.

An image showing the famous film interior from Breakfast at Tiffanys

(image source: filmandfurniture)

Have you fallen in love with a famous film interior recently and felt your decorative senses tingle? From opulent curtains to an extensive range of wallpaper options, Swags & Tails can help you to emulate your favourite film set in your very own home! Do not hesitate to contact the Swags & Tails team by calling 0121 355 2723 or filling out our contact form to discuss our expansive interior design collections today.