4 Key Decorating Tips for Your Home

9th March 2017

Some might love it, some might hate it, but redecorating a room is great for rejuvenating your home and creating your own atmosphere. Decorating can be a chore for many, however, some of us thrive on the opportunity to design and create the perfect home, which is why we’ve put together some useful decorating tips to make your refurbishment go as smoothly as possible. Believe it or not, there’s no written rule on how to decorate a room and what you should be doing in what order, but hopefully we can help you let your creative juices flow with a little ease.




Adding texture is one of our favourite decorating tips, as it can add a touch of your personality to the room. If the general theme for your room is neutral and is low on a lot of colour, then adding texture throughout the room can enhance the atmosphere. Think fluffy cushions, a patterned rug, a faux fur throw or maybe some sheer flowing curtains. Mix up the materials in the room as well as using one material constantly throughout can be overkill.


Neutral Tones & Colours


Even if you’re struggling for light or have plenty, using a neutral colour throughout the room enhances the light in the room. Plus, having a neutral background allows you to control how much colour you want throughout your home, so even if you’re not a huge colour fan, you can decide how much is present.


Use Inventive Storage Options


There’s no sight sorer than tall and large cupboards taking up vital space in a room. Open shelves are great, but closed cupboards and doors can make a room suddenly feel like a kitchen. One of the easiest of our decorating tips is to reclaim a ladder, paint it a colour of your choice and use it as a shelf.


Interesting Wallpaper


Wallpaper can give a great first impression and makes a huge impact with minimal effort. Use vertical lines to create the illusion of more space and draw the eye away from clutter or use a bright and bold pattern for a touch of fun. Visit our wallpaper page for inspiration.


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